The Junior Section


Qualification to be a Junior Section Member at Chalgrave Manor Golf Club, is aged under 18 at the time of joining, or under 18 at the time of annual renewal of membership.


Existing Junior Members, once they attain the age of 18, if they are still in full time education, move up to a student membership which is charged at 50% of the Full Membership Fee, currently 285 per annum or 28.50 per month if paid on our 12 month payment option.


There is no minimum age for juniors. Young players can start as early as they like, with full access to all of the practice areas. If they are to be taken out onto the course, they must be able to demonstrate a reasonable ability to make clean contact with the ball and to have reasonable control over where the ball goes. The Club would not expect young players under the age of 12 to go out onto the course unaccompanied by a responsible adult.